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Profile PictureParents often strive to be an exemplary influence in their childrens’ lives, growing and nurturing their natural skills and thinking of creative ways to develop and strengthen the bond.

My father was an avid golfer for many years and, naturally, what he was gifted with he passed on to me. Not only were we spending quality time together, but I also developed several new skills. Needless to say, I was hooked on golf!

As a young boy, the game had my curiosity and this was the driving force behind my ambition to learn. The challenges of learning technique and developing new skills along with the sheer joy of being outdoors is what excited me the most.

I often pushed myself to learn different, more creative ways to build consistency in my shots. The more I practised, the more I learned and the more fascinated I became with golf.

I was maturing as a young adult and a young golfer and this presented a great challenge for me. It seemed to me that I had reached a plateau in my learning curve. Despite how much I practised, I was experiencing less development in my skills. I seeked advice and took action.

I found an instructor.

Alec Macdonald was my first instructor. He was a teaching professional at a local golf club where I was a junior member. He shared and taught me the essentials of the game: putting, chipping and the full swing. This teacher and student relationship instilled in me a level of confidence that I never experienced before.

Through encouragement, leadership, application and discipline I began to build a sound understanding of the fundamentals needed to be successful in golf. As my skills progressed, I began to realize massive growth in my abilities as a golfer. Essentially I had outgrown my instructors and reached yet another plateau, I was in search of the next level.

I found a mentor.

Joe Thiel was an exceptional mentor with an incredible love for golf and a legendary track record both as a player and an instructor. One of the greatest things I learned from him was mental clarity – developing focus to realize the moment, understand technique and appreciate potential. All of which collectively taught me how to achieve my absolute best on and off the golf course.

I learned technical and mental development from some of the most respected individuals in the world of golf. Having a compact golf swing with intense power and a relentless drive for improving focus and clarity on the green – I had begun to develop my own style of learning and teaching.

Mindset and technique is what I instill in my students. I firmly believe that my approach and style of teaching will encourage confidence and develop skills for anyone at any level.

As a career professional, I’ve always wanted to teach golf, educate and inspire others on the benefits and excitement the sport has to offer. I am proud to say that I am a PGTAA Master Teaching professional and spend my days teaching men, women and children of all ages and abilities.

I’m passionate about helping each individual maximize their true ability and enjoy this lifelong sport.

The rewards of being an instructor are incredible, seeing students full of excitement and laughter after learning and applying something that I have taught them. With that, I also feel it’s an important responsibility to give back to the very community I live in. I’ve been blessed to be able to volunteer with the World Partnership Golf Tournament – last year alone we raised over $380,000 to help end global poverty.

In closing, for those of you who are parents, I really want to bring this back to the essential piece of our social fabric: The family.

Through the hustle of raising a family and the advancements in mobile technology, parents have less time and children and young adults are all ‘head down’ looking at their phones and tablets, totally disconnecting each of us from one another.

As a husband and father of two beautiful children, golf has had a huge impact on our lives. It gives our family a moment in reality to disconnect from technology, embrace the outdoors, learn a skill and really value the time we spend with each other.

I want to personally invite you to learn, understand and grow to appreciate the benefits golf has to offer.

As an individual. As a family. As a community and a society.

In gratitude,

Rahim Gulam





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