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Hitting off a downhill lie is one of the shots amateur golfers struggle with the most.  The tendency is to hit the ball either thin or fat.  Here’s a few things you can do in order to make solid contact off a downhill lie:

  • First off, align your shoulders with the slope.  Try to keep your spine angle at right angles with the ground by tilting your spine towards the ball.  For right-handed golfers, your left shoulder will be lower than your right shoulder.
  • Place the ball slightly back of center in your stance and put a bit more weight on the front foot.  This will help you strike down on the ball and prevent thin contact.
  • Really feel as though you are chasing the ball down the slope through impact.
  • Always keep in mind that a golf ball on a downhill lie won’t fly as high.  The slope has the effect of de-lofting the club so an 8-iron will fly more like a 7-iron. Take a more lofted club than you normally would for the distance. The ball won’t spin as much on the green either.
  • Aim to the left at setup since the ball will tend to go to the right off a downhill lie.  As you extend your arms down the slope during your swing, you’re holding off club face rotation which can leave the face open at impact.  Don’t worry about making a conscious effort to release through the ball, just aim left to compensate.

Set up correctly and choose the right club, that’s all it takes.  Next time you have a downhill lie, you’ll make a confident swing and stick the ball next to the pin!

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