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We’re already approaching mid-April and I’m sure the golf season is well underway for many of you.  My next few blog posts will be a series of quick tips to help you out with some common trouble shots.  Have you ever had to hit a shot from a tight lie where the ground was firm and there was little or no grass underneath the ball?  If you’ve ever played links golf (especially in the summer), I’m sure this is something you’ve had to deal with quite often.  Or maybe dry weather conditions or a dried out puddle on the fairway have prevented the grass from growing properly.  We’ve all had to deal with a tight lie at some point and making solid contact can be a daunting task for many golfers.  The natural tendency is to try and ‘scoop’ the ball into the air, but this actually increases the chance of hitting a thin or fat shot.

How to hit it solid every time:

The key to making solid contact when dealing with a tight lie is to hit down on the ball and let the club do what it’s designed to do (which is hit the ball up in the air).

  1. Set up with the ball slightly back of centre in your stance (about an inch or two back from the centre point).
  2. Move your hands closer to your front leg so they’re well ahead of the ball.
  3. Put a little more weight on your front leg.

Setting up like this will encourage you to hit down on the golf ball and strike the ball first before making contact with the ground.  Practice this method and you’ll never have to worry about hitting out of a tight lie again…it’ll be a piece of cake!

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