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Are you one of those golfers who always hits a fade or the dreaded slice?  Have you tried different ways to hit a draw, but never seem to be able to do it successfully on a consistent basis?  I’ve seen instructors teach a variety of methods…some are complicated and others are too technical.  I find that the best way for my students to understand a new technique is to keep it simple.  Here’s a great way for you to learn how to hit a draw and create the kind of topspin and control to hit the target on a regular basis:

It’s All About the Setup

Have you tried hitting a draw by rolling your wrists over (similar to a topspin shot in tennis)?  Sure, it works, but what sort of consistency and control do you have?  For the average golfer, the best way to hit a draw is to set up correctly and then make your regular swing.  The two things that control the flight of the ball are the swing path and the direction of the club face.  In order to create a draw (right to left ball flight for a right-handed golfer), you need to have an inside to outside swing path.  How do you create this without adjusting your swing?  It’s easy…just follow these steps to set up and swing away:

  1. Set up with your club face aimed slightly right of your target.
  2. Aim your feet, hips and shoulders further to the right than the club face (this will, in effect, give the club face a closed position in relation to the swing path, imparting draw spin on the golf ball).
  3. Swing along the line of your feet, hips and shoulders, starting the ball out right and allowing the closed club face to curve it back left.


Please note that these instructions are for right-handed golfers.  If you’re a lefty, just make sure your club face, feet, hips and shoulders are aimed to the left of your target.

Nest time you’re at the driving range, test this out and see if you can hit a draw.  Once you get the hang of it, play around with your setup in order to control how much the ball draws.  To draw the ball more, just aim your feet, hips and shoulders more to the right of your target while keeping your club face in the same position.  As with anything else, the more you practice the better you’ll be at it.  If you can add this to your arsenal of shots, you’ll be well on your way to managing the course better and shooting lower scores.

Feel free to comment below and let me know how this method works for you.

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