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Have you ever thought about getting custom fit for a new set of golf clubs?  If not, you’re never going to have the opportunity to play your best golf.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, I’m sure, like many others out there, you feel that “I’m not good enough to get custom fit”.  On the contrary, fitters say the reason a lot of people hit it sideways is because they haven’t been custom fit.  Trying to figure out the swing with clubs whose length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size don’t match the body encourages players to make unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics.  Hmmm, maybe you can actually blame it on the equipment?!

Time and expense are two more reasons golfers don’t consider getting custom fit.  Generally a private session with a certified clubfitter takes at least an hour, and the iron set built for you typically costs about $150 more than a comparable set.  Would you rather save some time and money while being able to get custom fit in the comfort of your home?  The GigaGolf eFit System is a quick and easy way to lower your golf scores.  It simply fits your golf clubs to your swing speed and physical body measurements.  The system is packed with useful information and wizards that help you get the club fitting process done right the first time.

GigaGolf Custom Golf Clubs

Afraid you’ll get it wrong?  Not a chance.  The GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee allows adjustments to your customizations free of charge within the first 30 days after you receive your new clubs.  Go ahead, try it out and you’ll be on the right track to playing your best golf.

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