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It’s fair to say that the majority of golfers want to learn how to hit the ball longer and keep it on the short grass.  I get the question all the time; “How do I get more distance while being able to keep the ball on the fairway?”  The answer is actually quite simple; First off, you must learn the correct technique for swinging the golf club and develop a consistent and natural swing.  This will allow you to strike the ball properly and keep it in play.  In order to create more distance, you need to improve your strength, balance and flexibility.  Thus, you can maximize the power created in your backswing and transfer that stored energy into the golf ball.

Your golf instructor (preferably me) can teach you proper swing mechanics and get you on the right track to consistent ball striking.  Improving your strength, balance and flexibility is something that’ll have to be done outside of golf instruction.  Have you ever heard of Fitness Blender?  It’s a fantastic website with lots of great workouts for every part of your body…and it’s FREE!  More specifically, Fitness Blender has a golf specific workout that can be done at home in 35 minutes.  The workout program is perfect for all fitness levels as you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty for many of the exercises very easily.

Now you have no excuses.  No need to buy a gym membership or spend money on fancy equipment.  Just take 35 minutes out of your day 3 to 4 times a week and you’ll see dramatic improvements in your golf game (plus, you’ll feel better in general).

Once you’ve had a chance to try the workout, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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