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As a professional golf instructor, I spend a lot of my time either outdoors on the golf course, at the driving range or on the practice green.  Crisp mornings and cool evenings often require more warmth, yet I always want to maintain my freedom of movement.  I recently received the Sunice Allendale Pullover jacket and I think I’ve found the perfect piece of clothing to fit my needs.

You’ve probably read in previous blog posts that I prefer to layer my clothing rather than wearing something big and bulky to protect me from the elements.  The Allendale pullover is thermal and constructed of super-lightweight stretch fabric to add additional comfort and performance.  When it gets chilly, I just throw on the pullover and it keeps me nice and warm while not confining me when I swing the golf club.

Not only does the Allendale pullover perform well, but it also looks sharp!  Sunice really knows how to put together a quality piece of clothing that you want to be seen wearing.  If you spend a lot of time outdoors and are looking for something lightweight and non-restrictive to keep you warm, I highly recommend the Allendale pullover by Sunice…you can’t go wrong!







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