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Have you ever played a round of golf with a “golf virgin” (someone who’s never been out on a golf course before)?  Were you frustrated the entire day when he/she stepped in your line on the green, took forever to get set up for a shot, never stayed quiet when others were hitting, had no idea whatsoever about the rules of golf…and so on?  I’m sure it’s happened to all of us at one time or another and it truly puts added stress on your own game (not that you don’t have enough to worry about on the golf course already).Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of a book or simple guide that people could read before heading out on the golf course for the first time?  Well, now there is!  It’s called Golf Etiquette Quick Reference – A Golfer’s Guide to Correct Conduct.

This book only costs $12.95 USD, but I consider it priceless!  The following excerpt is from the Introduction and explains exactly what this book is about:

Some people may be asking, “Why would I need a book about correct conduct?  I know how to behave myself.”  Although integrity and fairness are an excellent basis, good manners alone are not enough in golf.  A certain amount of specific knowledge is essential, especially in the light of the dangers involved in this sport.  Furthermore, golf also involves social conventions that are not based directly on accepted behaviour patterns.  The etiquette is just as important as the rules of play and it ensures that all players can enjoy their game as much as possible.
This book does not claim to cover every single issue but it does contain everything you need to know in order to be welcomed at virtually every course in the world. 

The author of this book, Yves C. Ton-That, has really made this a user-friendly guide encompassing everything from how to prepare at home before the round in terms of clothing and equipment, when to show up to the golf course, how to warm up and how to greet fellow players.  Each section is tabbed so it’s easy to flip to.  The guide takes you through every aspect of your golf round and even lets you know what to do after your round at the infamous 19th hole.  How perfect is that?!

Not only is this guide great for newbies, but I think anyone who plays golf at all (even seasoned veterans) should take the time to read through the book.  The guide is small enough that you can tuck it into your golf bag and have access to it anytime (so you can show it to a newbie out on the course).  It contains invaluable information in terms of safety and first aid procedures as well as how to formulate an acceptance speech after winning a golf tournament.  Wouldn’t we all like to be as eloquent as Jordan Spieth when thanking everyone after winning the Masters?

If you know of someone who’s thinking about taking up golf, purchase a copy of this book as a gift and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it (and so will everyone they end up playing with).

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