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One of my goals as a professional golf instructor is to introduce and grow the sport of golf by providing as many people as I can the opportunity to participate in a sport that promotes their physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Golf is one of the only sports that has honesty and integrity built right into the game.  It is important that children are taught these lessons so they can discover how to use them in a variety of situations they face at home, school, during sports and play, and in everyday social interaction.

Here’s 7 ways that golf can help challenge and develop your kids:

  1. Golf gets them off the computer and into the fresh air and great outdoors.
  2. Golf teaches concentration, they have to focus on every shot.
  3. Golf has a simple way to promote honesty, players keep each other’s score.
  4. Golf gives 21 muscle groups a good workout.
  5. Golf is a thinkers game.  They can be creative with shots and have fun doing it.
  6. Walking 18 holes is equivalent to a 6km run, but a lot more fun.
  7. Golf is all about good friends, good exercise and good times.

The following are a variety of ways you can introduce your kids to the game of golf:

  • have your kids accompany you to the driving range
  • attend local golf tournaments (ie. Vancouver Golf Tour events)
  • watch golf on television
  • collect information from local golf clubs about junior golf programs
  • caddie for a relative at a fun club event
  • attend junior golf clinics at the Greater Vancouver Golf Academy

My father introduced me to the game of golf at a young age and I can tell you firsthand how the sport has impacted my life in a positive way.  I learned a lot about honesty and integrity as well as self-discipline, sportsmanship, leadership and the importance of physical fitness.

The beauty of golf is that it’s a sport for life that you can learn and play no matter how young or how old you are.  Getting your kids started at a young age will have lasting benefits throughout their entire lives and will also provide you the opportunity to play and spend quality time together out on the golf course.

Feel free to contact me for more information on how you can get your kids started in the sport or if you’d like to find out more about local junior golf events and competition.

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